Community Membership

This level of membership is meant to serve the needs of Associate and Community Leadership. Membership at this level offers comprehensive services and our membership fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the number of vowed members and associates in the community.

Apply online for or renew your Community Membership here or  download the application/renewal form here .

Present Community Members receive renewal information by email mid-year, including the names and information of Listed Members. If you have not received your renewal form, you may  download the renewal form here  or complete the renewal online here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Community Membership of NACAR

What is NACAR?

The North American Conference of Associates and Religious is a membership organization that acts as a catalyst to serve, empower and promote the Associate-Religious relationship. NACAR remains the only professional organization to support and serve associates and vowed members as associates proclaim their call to live the charism of their religious communities. 

What is the purpose of NACAR?

The purpose of NACAR is to encourage networking and mutual support for; to identify and explore issues relevant to the Associate/Religious relationship; to serve as a clearing-house for the sharing of resources and talents especially for Associate spiritual growth; to provide a vision for the future of Associate/Religious relationship as the People of God; and to assist in policy and guideline development to support the Associate way of life.

Who is eligible for an Community Membership in NACAR?

This level of membership is meant to serve the needs of Associate and Community Leadership. Membership at this level offers comprehensive services. Our membership fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the number of vowed members and associates in the Community—defined as congregation/province/region/governing unit or monastery. An Associate Community incorporated as a 501(c)3 and/or the Kenedy Directory and operating independently of a canonical governing unit, also qualify for Community Membership status.

What are the benefits of an Community Membership in NACAR?

Most importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to be part of the larger Associate-Religious movement across North America and to witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in our world today. Membership also provides the following benefits.


    1. Discounted Individual Membership for any Vowed Member or Associate in your Community - governing unit/province/congregation/region/monastery.
    2. Access to Member section of NACAR website including the consultant directory.
    3. Reception of monthly e-newsletter from the Board of Directors
    4. Reception of The Associate e-magazine three times a year to share with your Community.
    5. Access to the Leadership Manual; Rookies Rock; and CARA study at a discounted rate for each listed member.
    6. Access to surveys, research and articles pertaining to the associate movement.
    7. Assistance in connecting with regional associate groups throughout North America.
    8. A listing of the Community on our online Membership Directory.
    9. A link to the Community’s website from the NACAR website.
    10. Access to postings on the NACAR website for jobs and prayer requests free of charge.
    11. Available resources regarding issues, concerns and trends in Associate-Religious relationship.
    12. Opportunities to address issues that impact associate-religious life, such as online forums.
    13. Opportunities for continuing education, leadership development and professional growth.
    14. Access to resources to address specific Community’s needs, such as retreat and workshop facilitators.

What are the yearly fees for an Community Membership?

Community Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on the total number of Vowed Members and Associates in the Community.

If the Total Number equals Fees are: Number of Listed Members
125 or less $150 5
126 – 249 $250 8
250 – 499 $350 12
500 or more $450 15

What does Listed Members Mean?

Listed (Individual) Members are designed for associate directors, community leadership, associates, communication directors or anyone in your community who has a desire to keep information of trends, information and resources regarding the Associate Movement in North America and desires to support the efforts of NACAR and the Associate-Religious movement. Listed (Individual) members are typically the memberships you receive based on your sliding scale fees. You also have the option of listing additional associates or vowed religious at a discounted rate.

A primary contact must be listed for the community. The primary contact is the first person NACAR will contact for the community regarding membership benefits, renewal or other issues. Members must have an email address to receive communications. Add the Additional Listed Members here.

How do I become a Community Member of NACAR?

Option 1: Apply online here (preferred method).

Option 2:   Download the application form  and email or mail your membership form to the NACAR address below.

To pay your annual dues, postal mail (US currency only please) to the address below or pay by credit card or PayPal here.

Associate Office
5900 Delhi Road
Mt. St. Joseph, OH 45051-1500

How do I access the Member Only section of the website?

Each membership has access to the members only section of the website. Click here to register for our website. If you need assistance, contact the website administrator.

Please note: To register for the NACAR website you must be either an individual member or one of the listed members under your community. Registration for the website is a separate process from becoming a member.

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You may  download the Community Membership FAQ as a PDF document here .

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