Additional Listed Members Payment

If you have additional listed members beyond those covered by your community membership and you would like to pay for them through your community, you may make those payments using the form below.

Each additional member beyond the number allocated under your membership level is $25. You can pay for up to five additional members using this payment method. If you have more than five, you can use this form again to pay for those listed members.

As a reminder, Community Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on the total number of Vowed Members and Associates in the Community.

If the Total Number equals Fees are: Number of Listed Members
125 or less $150 5
126 – 249 $250 8
250 – 499 $350 12
500 or more $450 15

So, any additional members beyond the number of Listed Members in the last column would be those for which either the individual or the community would pay. Please make your payment here:


Additional Listed Members
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