Greetings to all during this wonderful summer season!

Sun with sunglassesSome may be heading off for vacations, but the work at the NACAR Office continues, as well as the planning of various projects for the future.

Our website is filled with new additions and new information.  For instance, the Consultant & Speakers Directory under the Members tab (you must be logged in). Everyone who is a member of NACAR is invited to be a part of this directory. If you are willing to make yourself available to be a speaker on Associate issues, wish to facilitate retreats or days of prayer, or have a gift to share with other NACAR members, please contact us.  You will find a link to information and an application at the top of the directory or by clicking here. Once you are listed and are contacted by a group, it is up to you to negotiate the fee for service. If you are looking for someone who is willing to make themselves available for your special event as a speaker or retreat director, check out our Consultant & Speaker Directory.

NACAR is always interested in learning about Regional Groups of Associates and Religious who meet together for discussion groups or to have a speaker come to share in their area of expertise. If you live in an area where a regional group is already functioning, please send a schedule of the events that are already planned. Flyers can be posted on the NACAR web site. If the area in which you live does not have a regional group and you would like to start one, we can give you suggestions on how to get started.

We are happy to welcome two new NACAR Board members, Barbara Roth, Associate with Dominicans of Sinsinawa, and Amy Kulesa, Director of Associates for Sisters of Bon Secours.  Their term begins in November, but they both are serving on NACAR Committees already.  Check out their photos and information on the Board of Directors tabtab under Who We Are and congratulate them!

A Word from Your Editors

This online magazine provides a place to hear the voices of associates/religious in response to other voices. It promotes regional workshops, publications, national survey results and unique associate programs. The Associate increases the impact of our thinking and our living beyond our local activities to a profound presence of good work, insightful thinking and reaching out to the marginalized by sharing all that we are doing in mission with our religious congregations throughout the world. As you read this issue, see how God challenges those who believe in (in Jesus’ words) “to go forth.” Each associate hears the voice and answers the call of evangelization through (their) religious congregations. Join us by reading, reflecting and responding and become a NACAR voice in our magazine.

You wil also see that this issue is in an exciting new and creative format. This is thanks to the work of our new Communications Person, Lisa Olson. We look forward to other innovative developments ahead with Lisa. Logged in users can give us comments to this article and any other aspect of The Associate at the end of the full article. Logged in users will also see a link to The Associate on the right side of the home page.

Associate Conni Dubick, Dominican Sisters of Peace
Sister Elizabeth Avalos, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Associates Behind Prison Walls

In the spring of 2003, Sister Elizabeth Determan and I, Sister Angela Houska, members of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, started talking about the possibility of an associate program for the incarcerated. For many years, Sister Elizabeth had been visiting and writing to prisoners in the Oklahoma area. We put together a special correspondence program for the prisoners who wanted to be associates.

CrossOn behalf of the board of directors, once more I extend our greetings to you!  This monthly email is intended to keep in touch with you—our colleagues in associate ministry and leadership.  We consider this form of contact a link between our website, www.nacar.orgThe Associate and the board of directors.  Your feedback is always encouraged.
BIG WELCOME to the associates and religious of the Congregation of the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius!  They are our newest members to join our NACAR family.  Sister Madonna Figura, SSCM, is director of associates, and the congregation is headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania.  Stop by their website ( and send your personal welcome to them!
A number of weeks ago, we sent you a short survey.  Our objective is to (anonymously) collect members’ information about their ministerial role and any compensation received for their associate leadership.  We will publish aggregated information once it is complied.  If you are a director, co-director and/or part of a leadership team that directs the associate-religious relationship in your congregation, please take a few minutes to take part in the survey by June 5th if you have not already done so.  Go to here to fill out survey if you have not done so already.  Please provide your information to the mix of over 100 members who have!
The board’s committee on communications and advancement seeks volunteers to write future articles for The Associate.  If you have a story to tell, perceptions and experiences to share or suggestions to make, we will collaborate with you to get your message out to the rest of us!  Please connect with committee chair Conni Dubick for more details:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We are eagerly looking ahead to our October 2013 workshop in Haverford, Pennsylvania!  The title fairly well describes the content:  Financial, Legal and Other Issues Regarding Associates and Vowed Religious.  This workshop is tailor-made for congregational leaders and associate directors.  Download the workshop brochure at today!
Members should have received their congregational or individual 2013-14 NACAR renewal notices.  For those who have renewed:  BIG THANKS!  For those still getting around to it, we look forward to hearing from you soon!
Stay cool:  summer conventionally starts in a few weeks! 
Until next time, may the Spirit continue to guide you in your associate ministry.

Clip art: (Pablo Muttini, Argentina)

Tongues of Fire over DisciplesWe shall be celebrating the Feast of Pentecost on May 19*. I am fascinated by the imageries associated with Pentecost: And suddenly there came a sound as if a mighty wind was present in the whole house where the apostles were gathered; they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. And so the mission of Jesus was then completed. The apostles were fortified with the gifts of the Spirit to carry on the mission, just as we do in these times.

Associate leaders cultivate dependency on the Holy Spirit for discernment and guidance. They speak of the associate-religious relationship as a movement—a word suggesting mission. They search to discover and perpetuate ways of living charisms given to them through the founders of religious communities. They are guided by the Holy Spirit, and they discern, and they lead, and they honor the footsteps of their predecessors.

Come Holy Spirit! Fill our hearts with the fire of your love…

Resurrection CrossMay the joy and promised hope of the resurrected Jesus be with you!

Last month, I reported that your board of directors would be convening in Chicago. This we did, and it was a very productive meeting. It was less than a year ago we formed four working board committees: board affairs, member services, communications & advancement and executive. With only 10 directors and a part-time staff to advise and assist, it's remarkable what can be achieved.

The board affairs committee has taken on the task of bringing NACAR's bylaws and governing and operating policies up to date for the organization. The member services committee is developing programs and services targeted to enhance membership benefits for 2013-14 and beyond. Activities of the communications & advancement committee proceed with upgrading The Associate and other publications fostering membership outreach and engagement. If you are interested in being involved with one of these committees, kindly let me know.

Please be on the watch! Congregational and individual membership renewal notices for 2013-14 will be distributed later this month. There will be no increase in congregational or individual membership dues for the next fiscal year. Be certain that my board colleagues and I appreciate your membership and, therefore, your involvement in NACAR's mission. There is never a meeting that passes whereby we do not deliberate how we can better serve you and your associates and religious with the resources your membership provides us.

Crown of ThornsI had the opportunity to attend a NACAR sponsored workshop in Burlingame, California, a couple of weeks ago. Including the presenters, there were 18 attending associate leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area, and from as far as San Diego, Seattle, Salem, Dubuque, LaCrosse and Evanston! It was an excellent experience learning about associate leadership, working out practical problems and gaining gifted insights from one another as associate leaders.

If there is anything that NACAR does well, it's sponsoring workshops! We are working to produce more of them with fresh content, and we are always open to your suggestions. I invite you check out here for registration information about the next in the series workshop 2013 on the Contemporary Spirituality of Association, at the Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, June 14 – 16, 2013.

Jane Forni, SSND, NACAR Board member

The newest edition of The Associate is now available to registered users for download here . Beginning with this issue, we are introducing a new feature. We will be publishing a feature article on our website for anyone to read. We are also inviting NACAR members who have registered for the website to submit comments, questions and opinions in response to this article. The intent is to initiate an online conversation where participants are able to see and respond to each other as well as to the article. To submit responses, be sure to login and then go to the bottom of the article and click on "Add new comment" or reply to any comment that has already been posted by going to the existing comment and adding a new one.

In the reorganization of NACAR and the NACAR Board over the past months, board members have frequently discussed questions about the meaning of association and the nature of the relationship between associates and their respective congregations. Vatican II established the original foundation for what has become the associate movement in North America fifty years ago by "shining a spotlight" on lay persons in the church and emphasizing the baptismal call of all Christians to be in mission in the world.

During the ensuing years, the answers to questions about association and associates have shifted and evolved as congregations and their associates have grappled with the practical realities of developing and implementing formal programs. There are numerous forms of association and a variety of ways in which associates and congregations establish and live out their mutual commitments. What seems to me to be core to association, however, are two interrelated notions, call and the relationship that flows from that call.

JesterWherever this finds you, my NACAR board colleagues, staff and I hope and pray you are doing well, and that your associate ministry continues to thrive!

We are happy to report that this month's workshop in Burlingame, California, is sold out! This is wonderful news because it offers all participants an opportunity to gain much more from the workshop experience than if otherwise is the case. Each brings their gifts and wisdom to share in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we grow and transform the associate movement as a result! Board members Kathy Herrington and I look forward to co-hosting.

On the opposite side of the country, we anticipate another NACAR workshop sell out: Contemporary Spirituality of Association. The venue is Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore. Dates: June 14 – 16, 2012. Check out the details, and start making plans to attend!

New Year 2013Dear NACAR Members and Friends,

The board of directors takes this occasion to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – a new year that is filled with abundant grace and blessings on all you do in your associate ministries.

We wish to acknowledge new congregational member (Province of the Americas, Toronto) Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), and their associates Companions in Mission. WELCOME!

Advent WreathThe season of Advent is upon us. It is a time given us to look forward and prepare for celebrating the birth of Jesus.

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us." God became one of us! Think of all that has unfolded since. It's humbling.

So we and our loved ones gather for Advent prayer and preparation. We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide us and be in our hearts bringing focus to Christmas celebrations to come: "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord."

On behalf your NACAR board of directors and staff, I wish you the very best of this holy season.

Sincerely,  Joe Connell, President
North American Conference of Associates and Religious

Cathi Duffy and Marilyn GottemoellerThe NACAR Board met from November 9 to 11, 2012, at the Sisters of Charity in Mt. St. Joseph, Ohio. Check out the pictures on NACAR's Facebook page.

CornucopiaAlong with 85 associates and religious last month, I participated in a day-long conference sponsored by the Bay Area Conference of Associates and Religious (BACAR). Conferees were drawn from Northern California, and Sister Kate Kuenstler, PHJC, was the presenter. If you have heard Kate's stimulating presentation about the life-cycles of religious communities and association, the talk she gave to BACAR folks was equally thought-provoking!

2012 Annual ReportWe forward these NACAR missives each month with the intention and hope of keeping you our members connected and better informed. We welcome any suggestions you might have to improve our efforts.

As we attract new congregational members, I would like to take a moment here to begin recognizing them. Our newest congregational member is the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, US/Caribbean Province, Oshkosh, WI. Welcome sisters and associates to the NACAR family!

Greetings NACAR members and friends! My hope at the beginning of this new month is that August days will be cool and relaxing for all of us!

The board's executive committee is preparing to meet in Cincinnati on August 16th for a few days. Among other items, our agenda calls for studying the feedback that was generated during and after NACAR Conference 2012 Journey of Blessings. A quick glance at a compilation of conference evaluations suggests that the vast majority of participants were very pleased with their conference experiences. We appreciate all the suggestions and comments we received; they will greatly assist us when planning for future conferences and membership services. It is interesting to note that only 38% of conference attendees were actually dues-paying supporters of NACAR. For more information about becoming a member of NACAR or encouraging other to do so, please see Membership Information.

Joe Connell at NACAR Conference 2012As I reflect on last month's conference, I cannot but help to think how fortunate we were as the North American Conference of Associates and Religious to have shared that experience together. Truly, as one participant mentioned to me, the theme Journey of Blessings was providential, and it was made all the more inspirational and unforgettable by keynote presenter Sister Joyce Rupp, OSM. Her words and images about journey into don't know permeated the entire conference. Thanks to all who attended, participated and journeyed with us. For more reflections on the conference, please visit the conference pages.

  • If you have not evaluated Conference 2012, you'll find a link to do so until July 15th on our site's home page, right column and beneath the Facebook logo.
  • Follow the Help Wanted link. Check out NACAR's need for technology and publications administrators. If you have the slightest degree of interest, please contact us.

Thanks to all of you who have renewed your NACAR membership for fiscal year 2012-13. We appreciate your continued support, and we strive diligently to increase the value of your membership. Renewals are due July 15th.

The first 2012-13 sponsored workshop Companions on the Journey will be held in New Orleans' French Quarter, September 14-16, 2012. Please see for further details and registration.

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to acknowledge and thank the unprecedented number of Sponsors and Benefactors who financially assisted us with conference costs. We deeply appreciate their support. Click on the link and learn more about them.

Over 250 of our members have travelled to Conference 2012: A Journey of Blessings in Chicago! There is excitement in the air as we wait to hear what keynote speaker Sr. Joyce Rupp will be sharing with us through her presentation Journeying in the Land of Don't Know. Her spiritual and prophetic insights will undoubtedly set an inspirational tone for the duration of our conference. Watch for Conference photos on our Facebook page.

Your board of directors is looking forward to learning what conferees will share about two strategic proposals needing resolution for future planning. First, we are inviting input about, and confirmation of, NACAR's statement of mission which was revised last year based on members' feedback garnered from Conference 2010 in St. Louis. Second, we are proposing that NACAR's mission-activities be regionally focused on members' needs and desires. We need to ponder if regionalization has value for our membership prior to exploring next steps.

Those attending the 2012 international conference will find a list of helpful information in this document for making plans for your journey to the NACAR Conference.

 Conference Helpful Information

Joe ConnellDear Members,

Conference 2012: A journey of Blessings is one month away! It's hard to believe! For over 18 months, we have been very focused on producing what we intend will be a really worthwhile and excellent conference experience for you.

Maybe like you, it has been my experience that any worthwhile conference I have experienced in the past includes attending the scheduled program sessions and getting something out of them. It also has been my experience that a really worthwhile and excellent conference usually results from experiences occurring between the sessions and during unscheduled times – meeting colleagues and developing new ones; listening, learning and sharing with others; and expanding my perspectives and horizons.

I hope that "expanding perspectives and horizons" around our associate-religious relationships will be the experience for all of us in our journey together.

On behalf of my board colleagues and staff, may the expectations we have set for a really great conference experience for you be realized! In the meantime, we look forward to meeting you in a month and learning from the blessings you bring to NACAR. Please travel safe!


Joseph Connell, PhD


Dear Members,

Joe ConnellOn behalf of your board of directors, thanks to all who have registered for this year's NACAR Conference 2012: A Journey of Blessings. We are rapidly approaching a full house. As your recently elected president of NACAR, I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing conference events we have planned.

The board of directors recently met in Chicago to assure ourselves that the recent top-to-bottom, multi-million dollar remodeling of the Hyatt Deerfield hotel is ready for our June 1-3, 2012 conference. Indeed the hotel is and its hospitable staff as well. The place is beautiful! We also met for other NACAR business meeting such as finalizing four workshops planned to occur within the next 18 months. For example, the first one is just around the corner! Companions on the Journey: A Scripture Based Workshop will be held September 14-16 in New Orleans in the city's historic French Quarter. Workshop facilitators are Peg Madigan and Ann Gotfryd who are Associates of the Congregation de Notre Dame of Montreal. Peg is a NACAR board member. A  brochure and registration form  are available on our website.

We are happy to introduce the newly elected Executive Committee of the NACAR Board of Directors!

Joseph Connell, CSC Associate
Castro Valley, CA

Vice President
Marilyn Gottemoeller, RSM
Cincinnati, OH

Judith Gomila, MSC
New Orleans, LA

Jane Forni, SSND
Towson, MD

Left to right: Joe Connell, Judy Gomila, Marilyn Gottemoeller and Jane Forni

Left to right: Joe Connell, Judy Gomila, Marilyn Gottemoeller and Jane Forni

We gratefully acknowledge those who have completed their terms as officers and on the Board.

MARCI MADARY - 9 years on the NACAR Board and 8 years as President

SANDY FIGUEROA - 9 years on the NACAR Board and 9 years as Secretary

PEG MADIGAN - 4 years as Treasurer (continuing on Board of Directors)

Marci and Sandy,

you have been dedicated and faithful NACAR Board members throughout the past nine years. You have faced challenges head on and remained always passionate about NACAR and its future. We are thankful for all you have done to serve NACAR members and for the personal sacrifices you have made throughout this time! Blessings as you move on to new ventures! You will be missed.

NACAR Board of Directors and Management Team

Our latest newsletter is here for you!

 Download BACAR Quarterly Newsletter Vol 2 No 1 here .

Don't forget to save these dates:

June 9, 2012 BACAR Discussion Group,
Holy Family Motherhouse, Fremont 9-noon

October 6, 2012 BACAR Conference,
Sacred Heart Prep, Atherton 8:30 - 4:00

A Letter to NACAR Members from Board President, Marci Madary

Happy March to everyone. Living in Wisconsin, I am anticipating spring and the scent of new life. I hope there is much unexpected green in your life.


The first piece of business is a reminder that the NACAR Conference with Joyce Rupp is coming up, June 1-3, 2012, to be specific. People are registering already. Terrific! If you are considering attending (or know others who plan to come), remember that the discounted registration fee ends March 31. Follow the link to the right or click here for more information.

Speaking of the conference, could you help out with a sponsorship? Below are a few possibilities. If you or your group would like to be a sponsor, contact Mary Jo at 253-256-2227 or click here.

  • Wine for Saturday banquet - from $500 to $3050
  • Morning or afternoon break - $1000
  • Partial sponsorship of opening reception - $1000
  • Contribution to Saturday night banquet - $500
  • Sponsorship of Speaker - from $500 to $2500

The Spring 2012 issue of the The Associate  is now available!!!

If you are a current member of NACAR and have registered on the website, you will be able to access it.

In order to register click on the word Register on the left side of the page and follow the steps for setting up your own user name and password. We will approve your registration, if you are a current member of NACAR and then you are ready to go. If you are uncertain about these instructions, contact us.

The link to The Associate, Spring 2012, Volume 17, Number 1 is on the right side of the page. You can also go download it directly here

There is an important article on regionalization written by Board Member, Joe Connell. We encourage you to read and consider its implications before the Conference in June.

Read about the Lay Associates Open Conference that was held in Tennessee in January, the Elizabeth Ann Seton Award recipient, a new section of the Leadership Manual being published and so much more!

Thanks to Board Member Jane Forni, SSND and David Lavender, CDP Associate and Volunteer Editor, for all of their work in putting this issue together.


The NACAR Board of Directors and the Management Team

We are getting excited for the NACAR Conference "A Journey of Blessings" to be held June 1-3, 2012, in Chicago, IL, with Joyce Rupp as the keynote speaker. If you haven't had a chance to register, it is easy. First read the registration packet on our website and then register.

An Email was sent out in mid-January letting you know that NACAR's Annual Report  can be seen on our website. If you haven't had a chance to read it, please take some time to do so. The content is worthwhile, and it even has pie charts. Cool!

Also posted on the website are the benefits of being a congregational or individual NACAR member. If you are unaware of them, follow the link. A new benefit for Congregational Members is Job Posting on the NACAR website. If you would like a Position posted, please contact us and we will post it for 30 days at no charge.

A new issue of The Associate is in the works. Articles are due today - February 1. If you have an article to submit, including upcoming events, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The NACAR Board of Directors and Management Team

The 2011 Annual Report  is now available online!

You have to be registered and logged in to either download it or go to the page where it is listed.

 Click here to download NACAR Annual Report 2011 directly  (you must be logged in).

 Click here to go to the file listings  (you must also be logged in).

If you have any questions about the Report or how to access it, please contact us.

The NACAR Board of Directors and the Management Team

While on January 1 we might quietly flip the page of calendar to greet 2012, it is a regular invitation to significant growth and change. And the fact that it can happen not only each year, but every day at any moment is truly God's grace. It is our chance for a re-birth with a clean slate, completely undeserved yet unconditionally given. All is needed is a simple yes and an open heart. In that spirit, we would like to extend a deep wish for a New Year filled with hope, love, and light to each of you.

We will be having our monthly NACAR Board Conference Call the middle of January. Please pray for us as we continue to plan for the upcoming Conference. We rejoice in you, our members, and look forward to seeing you in June.

Happy New Year!

The NACAR Board of Directors and the Management Team

Dear NACAR Members,

"In the Bleak Mid-Winter" is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Before it was put to music, it was a simple poem written by an English poet, Christina Rossetti, sometime before 1872. I am captured by imagery and the unity I feel with her deepest desire: to give her everything to God. May our hearts always be this pure.

On behalf of the NACAR Board, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with hope and peace.

Marci Madary
NACAR Board Chairperson

Blessed Advent

Image of Angel and MaryAs you may have noticed, there is now an opportunity for members to post prayer requests on the NACAR website. As needs come up in your life, consider putting them on the website so we may join you in prayer.

The last issue of The Associate was certainly terrific. And, we are already planning the next one. If you would like to write an article on some aspect of the Associate Movement or share what is going on in your associate-religious relationship, please do so. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by February 1, 2012.

Hope everyone is signing up for the 2012 Conference with Joyce Rupp as the keynote. Please remember that congregational members receive five discounted registrations. And they will be given to the first 5 people who register. Conference information and registration material can be found on here.

Marci Madary, President, and Mary Jo Mersmann, Office Administrator

Here is a poem by e.e. communings.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~ Melody Beattie

Thanksgiving CornucopiaThe NACAR Board is grateful for a wonderful meeting in Cincinnati the weekend of November 11-13, where we tried to turn "chaos into order" and "confusion into clarity." We believe this gratitude will create a vision for tomorrow for NACAR. You may have seen photos of our meeting on Facebook. We worked hard and had a great time together!

We give thanks for you, our members, who were never far from our thoughts and prayers as we continue to move forward in our plans for NACAR.

The AssociateThe latest issue of the "The Associate" is now available for for download !!!

In order to access it you have to be a current member of NACAR, have registered on our website and been approved. If you are uncertain about any of this contact us.

Login with your username and password (this is what you set up when you registered on the website)

There is a link on the right side of the page that will take you to The Associate, Fall 2011. Volume 16, Number 2 .

We have so much for which to be grateful in this season of Thanksgiving. Look at the many articles included to show how true this is. News on the 2012 Conference and our keynote speaker, Joyce Rupp, OSM, results from the NACAR survey, as well as news from various congregations across North America, such as, CDP Kingston Associates, Women of Providence, Sisters of Charity, and the Dominicans.

Both interesting and informative, it is worth the read. Enjoy!

Let us give thanks too to NACAR Board Member Jane Forni, SSND and David Lavender, CDP Associate and Volunteer Editor, for all of their work in putting this issue together.

NACAR Board of Directors

Midwest Kindred Spirits Associate Directors

A regional group of associate directors, the Midwest Kindred Spirits, met for their fall meeting on Monday, October 17, 2011, at the Bay Settlement Franciscans mother house in Green Bay, WI. Following the business meeting, the group shared ideas and asked questions. The time with other associate directors is great way to keep learning and growing in this ministry.

November Blessings from the NACAR Board!

A Journey of Blessings - June 1 - 3, 2012

Big news - you can now register for 2012 NACAR Conference and Hotel! It's as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Go to the and click on International Conference.
  2. Click on Conference Registration Booklet where you will find the tentative schedule, travel info and more. Be sure to check out the Pre-Conference Workshop information so you can register for one.
  3. Click on the link to the Registration Form which will enable you to register for the Conference and hotel at the same time. Have your credit card handy!

Remember an Individual NACAR member receives ONE discounted registration. A NACAR Congregational Membership entitles your congregation to FIVE discounted registrations. Hope to see you all there!

Autumn Blessings from the NACAR Board!

Find NINE reasons to attend the NACAR Conference in June 2012 in Chicago on our website at We would list them for you now, but we don't want to spoil the fun of you finding out for yourself and maybe thinking of a tenth reason.

Speaking of the website, directors should be sure to add your congregation to the congregational directory. You may have registered individually, but directors should also list your congregation with the contact information, logo and other details. This is one of the benefits of being a Congregational Member of NACAR. We ask that the directors of a congregation's associates complete this listing. This assures accurate information of the listing and allows the director to edit that information at any time.

September Blessings from Marci and Mary Jo!

Lots of good news to share. NACAR is doing well and the Board is busy. We currently have 112 congregational members who have renewed their memberships for this year and 35 individual members who are current. If you have not renewed your membership for 2011 (or don't know if you are current), please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registering on the website does not necessarily mean that you are current with your dues. So if you have any questions, please contact us. We are so glad to be on this journey with you.

Sister of Mercy, Grace Mannion, was key in the founding of NACAR with Sister Ellen O'Connell, SC, and Jean Sonnenberg. Sister Grace is not well. Her congregation wants to let those who know and care for her what is happening. Please keep Sister Grace in your prayers. Thank you.

Blessed August!

We, at NACAR, trust you are having a super summer and enjoying every moment of golden sunshine - even if that means you are enjoying it inside an air conditioned building.  

  1.  The September 23-25 Workshop, "Developing Dynamic Boards, Teams, and Committees" in Chicago, IL, is coming up quickly. This workshop is helpful for ideas and strategies in promoting leadership among your Associates. If you are interested in attending or would like more information, a registration form can be found on our website .  
  2. Speaking of the website, please check your Congregation’s link under the Congregational Members links and make certain that what is listed is what you want.  We took our information from the Congregations' websites. If you want something different, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would also ask that someone from your Congregation add your more detailed listing to our online Congregational Directory. This is only for registered users. When you are logged in, you will find it under the Members menu at This would most likely be done by the director of your associates. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.
  3. Finally, the latest issue of "The Associate" has been mailed.  If you haven't received yours, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We want to make sure every one's mailing/email addresses are correct.  Your feedback is vital to this process.
  4. If you would like all NACAR members to know about something happening in your area or with your associates, please share it with us.  We can post upcoming events on the website. We are also trying to develop pages for the Regional Associate Groups. We can add news, information, events, etc to these pages. In the future, we want to give direct access to the Regional Associate Groups in order for you to add articles and events directly.
  5. Information about the June 2012 Conference is on our website and registration will be available in the fall.  We will let you know when registration has opened so you won’t miss out on this exciting event!

Dear NACAR Members,

Mary Jo and I hope all is well with each of you and that you are able to get outside and enjoy the season no matter where you live.  Here are a couple of items we would like to highlight:

  1. September 23-25, 2011, Tim O'Brien and I are offering a workshop on "Developing Dynamic Boards, Teams, and Committees" in Chicago. If you would like to register or need more information, check it out on the NACAR website.
  2. Speaking of the website, it is great.  Board member, Fred Goddard, has been working diligently on it. There is a member section (registration is easy) with a member directory and links to member congregations websites along with registration for upcoming events, monthly reflections, scholarly documents, and member discussion forum. It is worth your time.
  3. Believe it or not, NACAR has a Facebook page.  We would love to be your "friend," so check us out. There are pictures from the June workshop held in Canada. 
  4. A new issue of The Associate is published and has just been mailed.  If you don't receive yours by mid-July, let us know so we can double check our mailing list.

Dear NACAR Members,

This is Marci Madary, NACAR President.  My co-chair, Mary Jo Mersmann, and I are posting this simple update to say hello and let you know some of the good news from NACAR. First and most important, the Board wants you to know that while we miss S. Cathy as executive director, NACAR is doing well. Here are some highlights.

Register now on our new website!

Members of NACAR can now register on our website. To do so, just click on the link on the left that says "register" or go here.

Those who have registered for our website will have access to areas only available to NACR members and will be able to participate in interactive elements of our website, such as posting comments, participating in discussions and more.

If you are a director, please be sure to also add your congregation to our online membership directory.

If you need any help with registration or any other part of the website, contact us here.

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