• Catholic Women Study cover page

    The survey of Catholic Women was conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) with The GfK Group (GfK, formerly Knowledge Networks) for America Magazine. GfK has recruited the first online research panel that is representative of the entire United States population. Panel members are randomly recruited through probability-based sampling, and households are provided with access to the Internet and hardware if needed. For this study, GfK sampled households from its KnowledgePanel to conduct a survey between August 3, 2017 and August 24, 2017. A total of 1,508 women self-identifying as Catholic in the United States completed the survey (in English or Spanish). The margin of sampling error for the overall sample is ±2.5 percentage points. Using survey and Census data, CARA estimates that there are 37.3 million Catholic females in the United States at the time of the survey. Of this population, 28.8 million are adults.

    Interest in this survey emerged out of one of NACAR's Creative Conversations. Aside from the CARA study, itself, you can find more about the survey and Catholic Women in the January 22, 2018 of America Magazine and an online video at America Magazine Facebook page.

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