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Passionists serve in 59 countries worldwide. Priests, brothers, sisters, nuns and laity proclaim God's love for the world revealed through the Passion of Jesus Christ and the hope found in the Resurrection.

The primary ministry of the Passionists is preaching the Passion of Jesus Christ. We serve at parishes and retreat centers, as preachers and chaplains in hospitals and prisons, and help to provide quality Catholic education for at-risk youth. We work in collaboration with laity in fulfilling our mission whenever possible, and welcome women, men and young people to partner with us in bringing our message of hope and compassion to all who carry a cross in today's world.

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Name used for associates: Partners

Phone number: 847-518-8844

660 Busse Hwy
Park Ridge Illinois 60068
United States


660 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068, USA
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