Community Membership

Please Note: For 2019, NACAR is changing its community membership fee structure. You may download the NACAR Board's President letter regarding these changes here. You may also download answers to frequently asked questions about the membership dues structure for 2019 here.

NACAR is also changing the process for both renewals and new membership. Communication was sent out to communities regarding this process. Please contact us if you did not recieve the email or have any questions.

This level of membership is meant to serve the needs of Associate and Community Leadership. Membership at this level offers comprehensive services and our membership fees are set on a sliding scale depending on the number of vowed members and associates in the community.


You may also apply for membership by mail or email by downloading and completing the application renewal form here.

Present Community Members receive renewal information by email mid-year. If you have not received your renewal notification, please contact us.

Need to renew your community membership? Primary Contacts may now do so through our NACAR Membership Management site (preferred method).  Click here for the Guide for Primary Contacts.

You may also renew your community membership by email or regular mail. Download the application or renewal form here. You may pay your dues by check or online. Click here to pay community dues with a credit card or PayPal.

Need to add, remove or change the information for Listed Members? You may also do this on our NACAR Member Management site. Check out the Guide for Primary Contacts to see how to add, edit or remove Listed Members.

You may also download the additional Listed Members form here and send it in by mail or email.

If you submitted additional Listed Members with the added member form either through email or regular mail and not through the NACAR Member Management site, you can pay for additional members by credit card or PayPal here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Community Membership of NACAR

What is NACAR?

The North American Conference of Associates and Religious is a membership organization that acts as a catalyst to serve, empower and promote the Associate-Religious relationship. NACAR remains the only professional organization to support and serve associates and vowed members as associates proclaim their call to live the charism of their religious communities.

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