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News and Information for members of and people interested in the North American Conference of Associates and Religious.

The goal of ​The Associate​ is to tell the story of NACAR and its relationship with the associate movement.

We invite you to submit the following:

  • Book Reviews – 300 words
  • Spiritual Reflections – 300 – 450 words
  • Original Prayers or Poetry
  • Articles on how your community is planning for the future – 300 – 400 words


  • As important as your words!
  • High resolution as possible for best quality
  • Accompanied by a “release to publish” from those identified – could be a statement issued at event that photos may be taken and used for publication.
  • Photos of minors should have explicit permission of parents or guardians
    Best photos enhance the story that show action, emotion or connection, i.e. rather than a group photo of a committee, show the committee working or interacting.


  • Include the name, title (associate, sister, covenant member, etc.) and congregation of the author
  • Include email and/or phone # of author


  • NACAR reserves the right to edit all submitted content prior to publication. If editing might alter the content or meaning the author intended, we contact the author to ensure the intended meaning remains consistent.
  • Edits to grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. will adhere to NACAR guidelines, which emulate the style of the Associated Press and the Catholic News Service Stylebook on Religion.

COMING EVENTS for Regional Groups and others will be listed on the Events Calendar on the NACAR Website

Send complete information to ​This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2020 Issue Dates and Deadlines:
July issue - submission deadline June 1, 2020
October issue – submission deadline September 1, 2020

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