New Year 2013Dear NACAR Members and Friends,

The board of directors takes this occasion to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – a new year that is filled with abundant grace and blessings on all you do in your associate ministries.

We wish to acknowledge new congregational member (Province of the Americas, Toronto) Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), and their associates Companions in Mission. WELCOME!

The 2011 Annual Report  is now available online!

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The NACAR Board of Directors and the Management Team

While on January 1 we might quietly flip the page of calendar to greet 2012, it is a regular invitation to significant growth and change. And the fact that it can happen not only each year, but every day at any moment is truly God's grace. It is our chance for a re-birth with a clean slate, completely undeserved yet unconditionally given. All is needed is a simple yes and an open heart. In that spirit, we would like to extend a deep wish for a New Year filled with hope, love, and light to each of you.

We will be having our monthly NACAR Board Conference Call the middle of January. Please pray for us as we continue to plan for the upcoming Conference. We rejoice in you, our members, and look forward to seeing you in June.

Happy New Year!

The NACAR Board of Directors and the Management Team

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