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This online magazine provides a place to hear the voices of associates/religious in response to other voices. It promotes regional workshops, publications, national survey results and unique associate programs. The Associate increases the impact of our thinking and our living beyond our local activities to a profound presence of good work, insightful thinking and reaching out to the marginalized by sharing all that we are doing in mission with our religious congregations throughout the world. As you read this issue, see how God challenges those who believe in (in Jesus’ words) “to go forth.” Each associate hears the voice and answers the call of evangelization through (their) religious congregations. Join us by reading, reflecting and responding and become a NACAR voice in our magazine.

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Associate Conni Dubick, Dominican Sisters of Peace
Sister Elizabeth Avalos, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Associates Behind Prison Walls

In the spring of 2003, Sister Elizabeth Determan and I, Sister Angela Houska, members of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, started talking about the possibility of an associate program for the incarcerated. For many years, Sister Elizabeth had been visiting and writing to prisoners in the Oklahoma area. We put together a special correspondence program for the prisoners who wanted to be associates.

Crown of ThornsI had the opportunity to attend a NACAR sponsored workshop in Burlingame, California, a couple of weeks ago. Including the presenters, there were 18 attending associate leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area, and from as far as San Diego, Seattle, Salem, Dubuque, LaCrosse and Evanston! It was an excellent experience learning about associate leadership, working out practical problems and gaining gifted insights from one another as associate leaders.

If there is anything that NACAR does well, it's sponsoring workshops! We are working to produce more of them with fresh content, and we are always open to your suggestions. I invite you check out here for registration information about the next in the series workshop 2013 on the Contemporary Spirituality of Association, at the Notre Dame of Maryland University, Baltimore, June 14 – 16, 2013.

We are happy to introduce the newly elected Executive Committee of the NACAR Board of Directors!

Joseph Connell, CSC Associate
Castro Valley, CA

Vice President
Marilyn Gottemoeller, RSM
Cincinnati, OH

Judith Gomila, MSC
New Orleans, LA

Jane Forni, SSND
Towson, MD

Left to right: Joe Connell, Judy Gomila, Marilyn Gottemoeller and Jane Forni

Left to right: Joe Connell, Judy Gomila, Marilyn Gottemoeller and Jane Forni

We gratefully acknowledge those who have completed their terms as officers and on the Board.

MARCI MADARY - 9 years on the NACAR Board and 8 years as President

SANDY FIGUEROA - 9 years on the NACAR Board and 9 years as Secretary

PEG MADIGAN - 4 years as Treasurer (continuing on Board of Directors)

Marci and Sandy,

you have been dedicated and faithful NACAR Board members throughout the past nine years. You have faced challenges head on and remained always passionate about NACAR and its future. We are thankful for all you have done to serve NACAR members and for the personal sacrifices you have made throughout this time! Blessings as you move on to new ventures! You will be missed.

NACAR Board of Directors and Management Team

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A Letter to NACAR Members from Board President, Marci Madary

Happy March to everyone. Living in Wisconsin, I am anticipating spring and the scent of new life. I hope there is much unexpected green in your life.


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