Resurrection CrossMay the joy and promised hope of the resurrected Jesus be with you!

Last month, I reported that your board of directors would be convening in Chicago. This we did, and it was a very productive meeting. It was less than a year ago we formed four working board committees: board affairs, member services, communications & advancement and executive. With only 10 directors and a part-time staff to advise and assist, it's remarkable what can be achieved.

The board affairs committee has taken on the task of bringing NACAR's bylaws and governing and operating policies up to date for the organization. The member services committee is developing programs and services targeted to enhance membership benefits for 2013-14 and beyond. Activities of the communications & advancement committee proceed with upgrading The Associate and other publications fostering membership outreach and engagement. If you are interested in being involved with one of these committees, kindly let me know.

Please be on the watch! Congregational and individual membership renewal notices for 2013-14 will be distributed later this month. There will be no increase in congregational or individual membership dues for the next fiscal year. Be certain that my board colleagues and I appreciate your membership and, therefore, your involvement in NACAR's mission. There is never a meeting that passes whereby we do not deliberate how we can better serve you and your associates and religious with the resources your membership provides us.

Dear Members,

Joe ConnellOn behalf of your board of directors, thanks to all who have registered for this year's NACAR Conference 2012: A Journey of Blessings. We are rapidly approaching a full house. As your recently elected president of NACAR, I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing conference events we have planned.

The board of directors recently met in Chicago to assure ourselves that the recent top-to-bottom, multi-million dollar remodeling of the Hyatt Deerfield hotel is ready for our June 1-3, 2012 conference. Indeed the hotel is and its hospitable staff as well. The place is beautiful! We also met for other NACAR business meeting such as finalizing four workshops planned to occur within the next 18 months. For example, the first one is just around the corner! Companions on the Journey: A Scripture Based Workshop will be held September 14-16 in New Orleans in the city's historic French Quarter. Workshop facilitators are Peg Madigan and Ann Gotfryd who are Associates of the Congregation de Notre Dame of Montreal. Peg is a NACAR board member. A  brochure and registration form  are available on our website.

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