Guidelines for Submission for The Associate

The goal of The Associate is to tell the story of NACAR and the story of our members. Therefore, we invite and encourage our members to submit articles for The Associate. We want to know about your associates, how you are interacting, how associates are partnering in mission and ministry, your events (past and upcoming), etc.

Below are our guidelines for submission:


  • Articles of 450-475 words with a few smaller photos
  • Articles of 250 words with larger photo/s
  • Layouts are adjusted based on photos and content


  • As important as your words!
  • High resolution as possible for best quality
  • Accompanied by a “release to publish” from those identified – could be a statement issued at event that photos may be taken and used for publication.
  • Photos of minors should have explicit permission of parents or guardians
    Best photos enhance the story that show action, emotion or connection, i.e. rather than a group photo of a committee, show the committee working or interacting.


  • Include the name, title (associate, sister, covenant member, etc.) and congregation of the author
  • Include email and/or phone # of author (see #4)


  • NACAR reserves the right to edit all submitted content prior to publication. If editing might alter the content or meaning the author intended, we contact the author to ensure the intended meaning remains consistent.
  • Edits to grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. will adhere to NACAR guidelines, which emulate the style of the Associated Press and the Catholic News Service Stylebook on Religion.


  • Submit this information six months to a year prior to the event.

 2018 Issue Dates and Deadlines: 

released week of March 5--- submission deadline week of January 29
released week of June 4 --- submission deadline week of April 30
released week of November 5 --- submission deadline week of September 24

In addition to news articles, NACAR Communications Committee is always seeking individuals who are willing to write more reflective, thoughtful articles on topics of interest to members. If you are a writer and are interested in joining with NACAR to share your thoughts and reflections on provided topics, please contact Conni Dubick.

You may   download these guidelines here .

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