A new year is filled with potential and promises …

Mary and baby Jesus black and white sketch artThe Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God
World Day of Peace
New Year’s Day
January 1st a day of resolutions.

Today, we embark on a year that is sure to be longer than last year’s for it is a leap year—thanks to February 29. In this elongated year, the question is not about duration but about fulfillment. A new year is filled with potential, promise, and unfinished commitments from the year prior. How do we plan to fill our year? And though it may add one more cold day in winter, how lucky are we to have the blessings of an extra day to achieve our promise and potential this year!

At the beginning of the holiday season, we received a note from NACAR Board Chair Jeanne Connolly sharing the paradox in which NACAR found itself in 2019. We have kept promises by enhancing and expanding services like the popular Creative Conversations and The Associate newsletter, while continuing our relationships with the University of Dayton – Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF), to provide tools for Associate leaders.

In collaboration with Catholics on Call, the Religious Formation Conference, and our regional partners like Ohio and Pennsylvania Associate Leadership (OPAL), Bay Area Conference of Associates and Religious (BACAR), and Midwest Kindred Spirits (MKS), we are able to realize the potential of the Associate movement, to enliven our various charisms for God’s people.

As any organization worth its salt, we also have commitments, including fiduciary commitments which we have been able to make (through your support, and I’m sure the assistance of God’s providence) thus far.

So, at the start of this New Year, we know it’s an important one for NACAR as we move about, discerning our commitments, promises, and potential in a landscape, like the seasons that is ever changing. We hope this is a year of discernment and dialogue, so that with integrity we can assert what promises, potential, and commitments NACAR can make this year and beyond.

We’ve one extra day, and one singular focus: to answer the question, who is NACAR? Let’s start answering that question together. May this year be filled with blessings for each of us in our individual ministries and together as NACAR.


Associate Leadership Retreat Registration Email will be sent this week!  Watch for it!


Creative Conversation #16

"How to make the associate relationship a top 5 on your priority list" 

January 15, 2020

facilitated by Mark Piper and Terri Butel

Register here!

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