Come, Holy Spirit

Flame Light SunNACAR enters June with the fire of Pentecost and the passion of the Sacred Heart, even as so many of us wait in our Upper Rooms for the time when we can reemerge safely and reunite with one another and all our beloveds. 

How blessed are we to have the spirit and spirituality of our various congregations to sustain us, as well as their indomitable legacy of heroic service in times of the world’s greatest need.  

As so many of our wisdom figures go home to God during this pandemic, how challenged are we to live on in their love by being what they were—single-hearted women and men of the Gospel.

In this time of finding our way into an unknown future, NACAR has committed itself to continue to support associate leaders.   

We will continue offering Creative Conversations beginning in the fall and welcome your input on topics of relevance.   Our latest chapter on Prayer in our Leadership Manual is in its third printing.  

As a Board we have been in earnest conversation with the Religious Formation Conference, the Leadership Collaborative and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, seeking to discern each next right step in fostering the dream God has for the flourishing of associate life.  

Your continued commitment to membership is your essential part to helping all this happen.  We deeply appreciate your trust and support.

May the Holy Fire that burned in the hearts of our founders burn within us and light our path. May we do what is ours, in our own time and place with the same passion and love!

Renewal emails were sent in the middle of May to Primary Contacts and Individual Members.

Please renew and pay online if possible.

If you plan to mail your check, please contact us for a different mailing address!

If you did not receive your renewal email or have questions, contact us for help.


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