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NACARAssociateBanner2The Associate is a publication of the North American Conference of Associates and Religious.

The Associate tells the story of NACAR and the story of our members. Therefore, we invite and encourage our members to submit articles for The Associate. We want to know about your associates, how you are interacting, how associates are partnering in mission and ministry, your events (past and upcoming), etc.

You may submit a story through our oneline form or by contacting us. Please view the guidelines for submitting an article here.


pdf The Associate, Volume 25 Number 4 Popular


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The Associate, Volume 25 Number 4

The Associate

October 2020 • Volume 25, Number 4

In This Issue:

  • Message from NACAR
  • Finding Hope: Laid Off During the Pandemic
  • 2020: What a Year This Has Been!
  • Reflection: To Be Alive in Such an Age
  • Invitational Zoom Event: Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
  • The Difficult Journey to Redemption

pdf The Associate, Volume 25 Number 3 Popular


Download (pdf, 654 KB)


The Associate, Volume 25 Number 3

The Associate

July 2020 • Volume 25, Number 3

In This Issue:

  • Finding Understanding Crossing a Threshold
  • Preparing for the Future by Preserving the Past
  • Staying Connected During the Pandemic
  • Pandemic Forums: Bay Area (BACAR)
  • A Pandemic Reflection: Resources to Help

pdf The Associate, Volume 25 Number 2 Popular


Download (pdf, 349 KB)


The Associate, Volume 25 Number 2

The Associate

April 2020 • Volume 25, Number 2

In This Issue:

  • Seeking Points of Intersection: A NACAR Board Report
  • Associate Leadership: Understanding our Roles
  • NACAR Benefits: Events and Resources

pdf The Associate, Volume 25 Number 1 Popular


Download (pdf, 820 KB)


The Associate, Volume 25 Number 1

The Associate

February 2020 • Volume 25, Number 1

In This Issue:


  • NACAR Message
  • Dreaming the Future Into Being
  • Religious Formation Conference Biennial Congress

NACAR Congregations

  • Annual Associate Sponsored Retreat

NACAR Events

  • Annual Leadership Retreat May 18-21, 2020
  • Upcoming Creative Conversations
  • VLCFF Courses Beginning March 1, 2020

pdf The Associate, Volume 24 Number 3 Popular


Download (pdf, 1.12 MB)


The Associate, Volume 24 Number 3

The Associate • Fall 2019 • Volume 24, Number 3

In this issue:


  • NACAR Message
  • We Heard You
  • Living the Charism in Turbulent Times
  • Catholics on Call Partners Conference
  • Imagining Leadership in a Global Community

Regional Groups

  • New Ways of Being, New Ways of Ministering
  • A Call to Engage This Chaotic and Painful World
  • Midwest Kindred Spirits Celebrate Anniversary

NACAR Congregations

  • TESOL Advocacy and Policy Summit
  • Storytelling Immortalizing Sisters’ Legacy
  • Franciscan Fun Day
  • Providence Associates Move to Autonomy
  • Deep in the Heart(break) of Texas
  • More than a Labor of Love

pdf The Associate, Volume 24 Number 2 Popular


Download (pdf, 1.11 MB)


The Associate, Volume 24 Number 2

The Associate • Spring 2019 • Volume 24, Number 2

In this issue:

Featured Articles

  • FREE The Girls
  • Virtual Learning: VLCFF

NACAR Business

  • Welcoming New NACAR Board Member
  • NACAR Building Relationships
  • Wild Apricot Software Provides Member Flexibility
  • New NACAR Dues Structure
  • NACAR Frequently Asked Questions

Regional Groups

  • CARMA: Legacy, Love & Leadership

NACAR Congregations

  • 400 Years of St. Marguerite
  • Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Sewing Ministry
  • Women Bearing Gifts

NACAR Coming Events

  • OPAL Associate Leadership Conference
  • Midwest Kindred Spirits Workshop

pdf The Associate, Volume 24 Number 1 Popular


Download (pdf, 2.40 MB)


The Associate, Volume 24 Number 1

The Associate • Winter 2019 • Volume 24, Number 1

In this issue:

  • Abide in the Word
  • What’s in a Name

Featured Articles

  • A Rare Opportunity
  • Everyone Forgets
  • VLCFF: What I Learned
  • Creative Conversations
  • Movie Review: Won’t You Be My Neighbor
  • Join to Enliven Justice

Regional Groups

  • Tri-State: Anchored in Charism
  • OPAL: Fostering Our Future
  • BACAR: I Am Still Here

NACAR Congregations

  • Living Out the Same Charism
  • A Day to Remember & Celebrate
  • Day of Friendship & Prayer
  • Charism Retreat for Sisters and Associates
  • A Journey with Unique Twists
  • Associates Called to Prepare for Chapter
  • Making Providence Visible

NACAR Coming Events

  • CLDP Preparing Leaders
  • Associate Leadership Retreat
  • Coming Events
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