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NACAR Logo Horizontal
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NACAR logo starting November 2019

The new NACAR logo retains the original artwork of Sister Catherine Martin, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, but with the North Amrican Conference of Associates and Religious wording to the right or stacked.


NACAR logo starting 2006

Logo for NACAR created by Sister Catherine Martin, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Artists Reflection on the NACAR Symbol

by Sister Catherine Martin, O. Carm.

Spiraling Motion: Mission … active involvement … on a journey as an individual - as community … ministry of service … motion from within-outward and outward to center.

Center: Desire for deepening one's spirituality and relationship with God … may be a symbol for one's individual center and/or community's center.

Cross: The transparent, yet real force which is the meaning, purpose, strength to the mission… called to witness the gospel … collaboration to a common purpose.

Labyrinth: Following the lines that form the design one can "walk" the labyrinth from the cross to the center … from the center outward through the cross.

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